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TCD (Time Circuits Display) Version 3E

Version 3E of our fully programmable BTTF Time Circuits Display REPLICA (TCD), also called BTTF Time Departure Circuits (TDC) or BTTF Temporal Display Unit (TDU).

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Time Circuits Display (TCD) REPLICA version 3E


After years of research/development/rework, we are glad to announce the launch of our new generation of the Time Circuits Display REPLICA version 3E.

Compared to version 2, almost everything has been reworked: Enclosures, electronics, firmware... to make it the most accurate replica ever built. We had the chance to access to valuable information from the movie, like the exact dimension of one of the screen-used units. We developed a new fabrication method to allow us to precisely shape the aluminum sides: the straight bends are now replaced with soft curves, much closer to the original.

The 3E version has the following improvements compared to version 3D:

- Bug fix on leap-year that used to prevent entering day 29 on every month on a non-leap year

- New improved green displays using pure green LEDs

- Better brightness balance on displays and seconds/AM/PM LEDs

- Independent volume setting for the beeping sound (can be set in the setup mode)

The 3D version had the following improvements compared to older versions:

- Genuine internal keypad and genuine enter button, so you get the exact same "touch and feel" as the original

- Real TRW plastic enclosure for the keypad (instead of the old resin-casted, then painted version) with the right color and the asymmetrical cutting just like the screen-used one !

- Weak battery indicator: An internal time back-up cell allows to keep the present time running when the unit is off. When it goes weak, the yellow indicator blinks, to let you know it's time to change it.

- New process for sticking the gels of the faceplates, making these much stronger.

- Fixing of small problems: Present Time display brightness was a bit too weak, the blanking upon validation occurred on all displays but had to be on Destination Time only, the sound needed to be better amplified, the way to enter time in 12h mode or 24h mode needed to be improved and some related bugs needed to be fixed.

- The overall reliability of the system has been greatly improved.

- The internal time-keeping clock circuit is much more accurate than it used to be.


The TCD functions like it was supposed to do in the movies, with the same audio and visual effects!

The center display line holds the real time accurately: There is a real-time clock circuit inside, backed-up with a lithium battery to keep time when power is off.

You can dial your destination time and date on the keypad a number of different ways (full, 12h mode, 24h mode, time only, date only...), and it is displayed on the DESTINATION TIME display with a slight delay for the month, just like it occurred in the movie.

With a back-button, or with the TFC unit, you can trigger the displays as if a temporal displacement really occurred: PRESENT TIME becomes the DESTINATION TIME, and LAST TIME DEPARTED becomes the old PRESENT TIME. By repeating the same process, you can set any time and date on all three lines. The PRESENT TIME always runs like a clock, whatever your settings. This makes you feel like you REALLY travelled in time!

  • Designed with measurements from a screen used unit
  • Custom-made LED displays with accurate segments' shapes
  • Original LMB boxes with cutouts and venting holes
  • Setup mode to set the main volume, the displays brightness...
  • Slight delay when displaying months, synchro with sound
  • Full aluminum enclosure 1/8" thick, professionally welded and curved
  • Real plastic TRW keypad shell, with original color and screen-accurate cutting
  • Genuine internal GTE keypad, not replicated
  • Professional vinyl labels with the exact same font and size for the displays

You can either use on display (with your own 12 Volts power supply) or inside a real Delorean: it fits on the center console, just like the original! You can attach it with screws through the side holes.

 This is the BTTF prop that you have always been dreaming of, either for your car or for your collection of BTTF items. So, don't wait any longer!

VIDEO of V3 (has been improved since)

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TCD (Time Circuits Display) Version 3E

TCD (Time Circuits Display) Version 3E

Version 3E of our fully programmable BTTF Time Circuits Display REPLICA (TCD), also called BTTF Time Departure Circuits (TDC) or BTTF Temporal Display Unit (TDU).

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